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The Gnome’s Wager Page -20-

The Gnome’s Wager Page -20- published on

Happy New Year to all our readers out there, we at Dunharrow scrolls hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and a great beginning to 2014. Here is page 20 a lot of work went into this page so I hope you like the result. We thought we would start 2014 off with a bang with a full painting page, I would not like to encounter this ogre day or night.

This year we hope to bring chapter one to a close which will be near the end of the year, by which time we hope to have made a good start on chapter two. We have decided that when we publish chapter two it will be weekly and not every two weeks, but in order to achieve this we will be delaying chapter two until we have a full year’s worth of comic pages complete in order to keep up with the weekly publish.

I know this will mean there will not be new pages published for a time once chapter one finishes at the end of the year but we feel that a weekly update is the better option for the readers of the comic.

Wishing you all the best for 2014 and keep coming back and leave comments on Twiter or the Dunharrow scrolls Facebook page.

Thank you for your continuing support.

Stephen and Steve and all who help with Dunharrow Scrolls.