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The Gnome’s Wager Page -3-

The Gnome’s Wager Page -3- published on No Comments on The Gnome’s Wager Page -3-

I would first like to thank you for taking the time to look at this comic. Please leave any comments you wish, the more constructive the better.

The comic is and will be on a two week cycle which means a new page will be uploaded to the site every two weeks.

But we are going to have to put the comic on hold for about two months as my good friend and the artist has broken his wrist, and not only that it is his drawing hand!

So if possible can I have all your thoughts on my friends wrist and by some miracle make it better quickly, so we can continue the story.

On the 28th of December their was going to be a Christmas picture uploaded. But as Steve broke his wrist a few day before he was to start work on this we do not have a picture show.

The picture was going to depict Elkind hanging up some mistletoe, dressed in his Christmas Santa hat. In the background a line of lovely Orc females queuing up to give him a kiss.
I know reading about it is not as good as seeing it, but you have something to look forward to next year.


Happy Christmas and New Year.

Stephen and Steve