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Ulrich is a Elf of many talents, in his early years he trained to be a priest of Lublarna, and spent thirty years in the Sahagel monastery.
Being good of heart Ulrich could not turn a blind eye to any suffering he encountered. In what ever endeavour Ulrich undertakes Lublarna is never far from his lips.


Much of Ulrich’s early life was on the back of a trade wagon travelling the towns and settlements of the southern territories. For a full character profile click here.




Elkind the Gnome, magic and illusion are his tools. Elkind is often mistaken for his taller breathed the Dwarves, as he is exceptionally tall for a gnome. Like most gnomes he comes from the land of Ril a continent which is far to the south, across the great sea.


Elkind frm an early age was adept in magic with an uncanny proficiency with illusions and tricky. For a full character profile click here.



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Elrick an Elf of magic, fighting prowess and a keen wit.



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Colthal’aan keen eye and fast reflexes makes him a formidable opponent.



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Alena of the royal house of Verela is a Paladin of Toraru.



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Elsu’wen companion of Colthal’aan, is light of foot and can be counted upon at finding that which is lost.